We help brands and companies transform their businesses into web3, educate them and integrate dapps into their existing services. We have a passion for all things web3. The way the world communicates is changing, and we aim to be at the forefront of that change. We are not an agency, we are a launchpad. What’s the difference? Get in touch!

What we do

Masters in Web3 Disruption.

We Believe in the Bright Technological Future of Blockchain.

We partner with brands & companies to create some of the most ambitious NFT & Metaverse projects. Alongside our internal team, our network consists of a great lineup of global talent, who we will often bring into client projects depending on the complexity..


  • Concept & community strategy
  • Building roadmaps covering every stage from design to launch
  • Building internal Web3.0 teams
  • Defining a royalty strategy


  • Designing NFT Artwork
  • Unique and powerful Brand Experiences
  • Unreal Engine environments
  • 3D Design


  • Smart Contracts
  • Marketplace Publishing
  • Custom Smart Contract Development
  • Wallet management


  • Community Building
  • Metaverse translation 
  • Education program 
  • The next steps within web3

The NFT opportunity

Fast adoption
In 2021 alone, the NFT market cap grew by 1,785%. This explosive trend is seeing brands, creators and companies rapidly adopt NFTs.

It's more than just Digital Art
The possibilities are endless. You can assign almost anything to a smart contract.

An NFT creator gets to decide the scarcity of their asset. For example, an organizer of a music festival can use an NFT to represent a ticket. The organizer can decide how many replicas exist, but each replica would have its own unique ID (like a barcode).

There are no rules on how you can receive royalties, so you could put your house on an NFT, and then receive lifetime commission every time your house is sold to new owners.

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